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This is the online portfolio of character and concept drawings by Jonathan Lyons. Please visit my home page at
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Here is my deep sea diver I did in Matt Kaufenberg’s Skillshare class.  

Some thumbnails for my character illustration course with Mark Kaufenberg.  I’m doing a deep sea diver.  Which do you prefer?

A collection of character designs for interactive games.

Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, has been waiting impatiently for his father to return.  He has a teacher named Mentor (Obviously the source of our use of the word) Here are some character ideas for Mentor.  His cane is the prop he uses to connect with Telemachus.

Odysseus, while imprisoned on Calypso’s island, concocts methods of escape.  Here he lashes sea turtles together to make a raft.

Polyphemus exiting his cave.  He has cut the plug right out of the landscape.

The goddess Circe turns Odysseus’ crew into pigs.  Here she makes them pull her chariot. Usually Circe is drawn as a beautiful woman, a goddess, but I made her fat and evil.

Another idea for the Odyssey.  The fat suitor dumps wine on the head of the old man, not knowing he is Odysseus in disguise.  

2 ideas for the suitors who tease Odysseus.  Odysseus is disguised as a weak old man.  He appears at the party looking to take up the challenge of stringing and shooting the bow.  The suitors are cruel to him, not knowing he will shortly take his revenge.

Odysseus in disguise.  When Odysseus returns home, he has been warned of suitors who have moved into his house, and hope to take over his family and fortune.  With the help of a goddess he is disguised as a weak old man.  

Another concept for The Odyssey.  This is Calypso’s Island, where Odysseus was held prisoner.  Calypso loved Odysseus, and wanted him to be happy, so the sun shines on the temple and landscape.   But I wanted it to also appear to be a prison, so the giant walls secluded the island from a permanent storm raging just outside.

Yesterday I posted my Scylla and Charybdis concept for The Odyssey.  Today, I have a concept I did for Poyphemus’ cave.  Again I used flowing water in the idea.  The cave was impossible for anyone without Polyphemus strength to enter.  When Polyphemus would roll the rock away from the entrance, he would divert the water fall to flow down the second set of steps, revealing his way down.

This is a concept I did for “The Odyssey”.   Scylla and Charybdis, imagined as a ship crushing waterslide.

I designed this chameleon for Dreamworks Interactive.  Back when they had an interactive division.   It was for a rainforest themed game that was never made.  He was a nervous chameleon, kind of like Rango.

Character expression sheet.